Jaguar Releases Second 'Villains' Short Film (Video)

The two-minute ad features "Thor" star Tom Hiddleston, who explains the finer points of British villainy while driving Jaguar's new F-Type Coupe.

In an acknowledgement of the increasing prevalence of movie-style direction, acting and visual effects in automobile campaigns, Jaguar released the second installment in its British Villains campaign today.

The two-minute Art of Villainy features Tom Hiddleston putting Jaguar's new F-Type Coupe through its paces while reciting, in perfect puckish Queen's English, an excerpt from John of Gaunt's famous paen to England in Act 2 of Shakespeare's Richard II: "This precious stone set in the silver sea...this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England."

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The premise of the campaign -- that Brits make the best villains, and that the best villains all drive Jaguars and can also apparently recite Shakespeare while evading, as in the new film, a black Porsche 911 -- is tenuous but an amusing alternative to the usual ham-fisted hard sell that passes for automotive advertising. 

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The Villains campaign first debuted during Super Bowl XLVIII with a 60-second spot featuring Hiddleston, Sir Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong spouting drolleries that has since been viewed nearly 12 million times on YouTube.

The F-Type Coupe goes on sale in May starting at $65,895.