VIDEO: James Franco's Grandma Mocks Those Squeamish About '127 Hours'

The actor and his grandmother release Christmas video teasing those worried about film's amputation scene.

James Franco's grandmother has a special holiday message for those who are turned off by the amputation scene in 127 Hours. When asked on a new video what she thinks about wary moviegoers, his Ohio-based grandmother teased: "I think they're a bunch of pu-sies!" 

Christmas Greetings From the Franco's from James Franco

The Fox Searchlight film received a lot of press after some moviegoers reportedly fainted during screenings thanks to the much-hyped scene in which Franco's character amputates his own arm. The studio recently launched a campaign involving t-shirts with the phrase 'I Kept My Eyes Open For 127 Hours.'

Taping a video over the Christmas holiday at the family's home in Palo Alto, Calif., Franco interviewed his grandmother about her reaction to the film.

"I loved it. I'm so proud of you," Franco's grandmother, who wore a 'Kept My Eyes Open' shirt, said.

The Danny Boyle-directed feature based on the the true story of hiker Aron Ralston is nearing the end of its theater run with a take of only $9.9 million -- though potential upcoming Golden Globes wins (Franco got a best actor nomination and the film is up for best original score and best screenplay) and possible Oscar nominations could help sales in coming weeks.