Japanese Politician Sobs Hysterically and Becomes Viral Sensation (Video)

Japanese Politician Sobs Hysterically - H 2014

The disgraced assembly member wailed during a press conference in which he tried to explain away spending $30,000 on extravagant trips.

This local Japanese politician has been catapulted to Internet stardom…for all the wrong reasons.

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Footage of Ryutaro Nonomura in hysterics during a press conference — in which the politician breaks down while trying to explain accusations of extravagant misuse of public funds — has gone viral.

Media reports say he spent three million yen ($30,000) on 195 visits to four locations in just one year – including 106 visits to a particular hot springs he is fond of. He serves in the assembly in Hyogo in western Japan, where he was elected in 2011.

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The question political observers will certainly be asking is how this outburst compares to some of the all-time greats. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's many, many videos have gotten the most attention recently, but one should not forget the Dean Scream – the enthusiastic conclusion to a speech that put the kibosh on Howard Dean's 2004 bid for the presidency.

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Compare the three and let us know in the comments if you think Nonomura's video will go down as one of the top political meltdowns.