VIDEO: Jeff Zucker Mocked on The Simpsons

The outgoing exec is admonished: "NBC, you are here to listen and not speak!"

The Simpsons took a dig at outgoing NBC chief Jeff Zucker Sunday night.

In a "secret conclave of America's media empires," executives debated how to "create a phony baloney…good, old fashioned health scare… to get Americans back where they belong: in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too afraid to skip the commercials.

As the camera panned the room (which included the two male execs of Logo and Bravo making out), Zucker said, "Well I think…."

He was interrupted. "NBC, you are here to listen and not speak!" admonished the leader.

The Simpsons also mocked its network, Fox, by giving Fox News a new logo: "Not Racist, But No. 1 With Racists." The episode was entitled The Fool Monty.

The Simpsons, which was just renewed for a 23rd season, opened with Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie as Na'vi from Avatar.