Watch Bill Hader and Jimmy Fallon Spit Food All Over Each Other

Bill Hader Jimmy Fallon H 2015
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Bill Hader Jimmy Fallon H 2015

The 'Tonight Show' host brought back his messy 'Point Pleasant' cop show sketch.

SNL alums Bill Hader and Jimmy Fallon reunited for a messy comedy sketch on Thursday's Tonight Show.

The Tonight Show host revived the spit-filled fake cop show, Point Pleasant Police Department, that he previously claimed to have starred in with Alec Baldwin.

It seems Hader too was part of the Point Pleasant, New Jersey police force.

In three sketches, the two comedians manage to cover each other with pudding, powdered sugar, whipped cream, Pepsi, Perrier and other food and drinks, each one spitting onto the other one as he talks.

Fallon and Hader would also race back to their seats after doing each part of the bit, shedding their police clothes for their suits but bearing evidence of the messy exchange on their faces.

Watch the food fight and Hader have some fake mustache problems and Fallon reverting to his old SNL way of breaking during the sketch.

Hader, starring in this weekend's new movie Trainwreck, also talked about his three daughters, explaining that his 5-year-old likes to walk around pretending to be a princess, but she's a bit of a foul-mouthed one.