Jimmy Kimmel Appears on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's YouTube Show (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel, left, on Rob Ford's show

The U.S. late-night TV host jokes he wants to sleep with the celebrity politician and his wife when he next visits Toronto.

TORONTO -- Jimmy Kimmel made a surprise appearance Monday on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's online show, Ford Nation, complete with a Rob Ford bobblehead toy in hand.

Kimmel, appearing from his home in Los Angeles, helped Ford and his brother, Toronto councillor Doug Ford, sell bobblehead dolls to fund their mayoralty re-election campaign.

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"We have a couple more. We have another Rob Ford bobblehead edition with a chain of office, and I have another one with the football tie, and I have another one coming that looks like you, Jimmy Kimmel, with the red tie and black suit," Rob Ford told viewers.

Kimmel's appearance on Ford Nation followed the Toronto mayor being famously grilled on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when he appeared during a recent visit to Los Angeles.

Doug Ford insisted the future of Jimmy Kimmel Live! relied on the Toronto mayor getting re-elected, to which the U.S. TV host nodded in agreement.

"So when are you going to get your backside up here to save your job and start door-knocking to make sure this guy keeps you going every single night?” Doug Ford asked Kimmel.

"You know I want to throw not even a fundraiser, but a fun-raiser, where we go and we just have fun, in classic Rob Ford style," Kimmel answered.

That had Doug Ford questioning why Kimmel during one recent episode plied his audience with drinks.

"That's most nights on our show. That happened to be our first show, and I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know what I was thinking. To be honest, we used to do it at The Man Show. Everyone would drink, and it made for a fun audience," Kimmel responded.

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The video wraps with Kimmel insisting he'd like to attend the Toronto Film Festival, though the timing is difficult, as he and his wife are having another baby.

"Now remember, if you're coming up to Toronto, you're sleeping at Rob's place, not my place," Doug Ford insisted.

"I'm not just planning to sleep at Rob's place, Rob, I want to sleep with you and your wife," Kimmel added.

"We'd better not comment on that one," Doug Ford responded, returning to his day job as a politician.

Rob Ford is in a bitter re-election campaign after admitting to excessive drug and alcohol use.