John Oliver Defines 'Power' at THR's Most Powerful in NY Media Party (Video)

The incoming HBO host is getting used to his new role, but admitted that it still feels "weird."

John Oliver may live in America, but it still feels strange for him to be one of the faces of New York, he told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

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When asked what it was like to be a British person on the cover of the New York Power issue, HBO's newest addition replied: “It feels very weird. It feels like I shouldn’t be on the cover of it. But I appreciate it."

As for the meaning of the word "power" to the Last Week Tonight host, the self-depreciating Brit quipped, "You are asking a British person what I think of ‘power’ so I think of the early 18th century because that is the last time we [England] had any," he said, revealing his dry humor.

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Oliver, who appears on the cover of the May 2 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, made his comments at a bash celebrating THR's 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media list.

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