VIDEO: John Stamos Makes Mesmerizing Indie Music Video Debut

Low - Try to Sleep (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

John Stamos makes his indie music video debut in "Try to Sleep," the latest video by minimalist rockers Low from their new album, C'mon.
In the video (see above), Stamos drives countryside with a woman before things take a very gruesome turn.
How did Stamos score the spot?
C'mon co-producer Matt Beckley (Katy Perry, Ke$ha) tells THR he has been friends with Stamos for some time. "What people sometimes don't realize is that he's a crazy good musician," Beckley says of the former Full House star, who has played drums and recorded with The Beach Boys. "He plays drums, piano and guitar all really well. As such, we're always playing each other new music, and he really liked the Low stuff I'd just finished."
When the video's director Travis Schneider was brainstorming ideas with Beckley, Schneider asked him if he knew anybody that had “that really classic Peter Lawford kind of old Hollywood charisma,” Beckley tells THR. "John immediately came to mind. We pitched it to him, he agreed [to do it] and absolutely killed it."