Jon Hamm's '90s Dating Show Hair Is Amazing (Video)

Courtesy of Lighthearted Entertainment

The "Mad Men" star may have been unlucky in love on "The Big Date," but at least he wasn't afraid to rock a rad '90s bowl cut for the occasion.

Before Jon Hamm became dapper Don Draper (who happened to rock an epic beard at last year's Emmys), he was just a lowly dating show contestant in search of his other half.

While appearing on the dating game show The Big Date, the Mad Men star -- who was a 25-year-old waiter at the time -- sported a middle-part bowl cut, which was quite popular in the era among the likes of Teen Bop poster stars (here's looking at you, Devon Sawa) and skater boys alike. The look may have been what was up back in the day, but it most certainly didn't earn Hamm a date, as he was passed over not once, but twice on the air.

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Maybe it was Hamm's first date suggestion of a "fabulous foot massage" that ruined his opportunity to score with contestant Mary, but it looks like he's doing just fine now, considering his Mad Men character's womanizing track record and his dating real talk ("everybody farts") made famous by tween blogger Tavi Gevinson back in 2012. 

That success can only be attributed to one thing: Hamm's hair. Catch the first appearance of his 'do around 2:10, below.