VIDEO: Josh Groban Puts Kanye West Tweets to Song

Crooner earns praise from show staff for performance of Kanye West's greatest tweets during "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday.

Fans weren't the only ones who loved Josh Groban's medley of Kanye West's most memorable Twitter one-liners. Jimmy Kimmel Live! music booker Scott Igoe also spoke highly of the musician following his performance, which was presented as part of a commercial for a fictional album entitled Josh Groban's The Best Tweets of Kanye West.

“This is Groban’s fourth bit with the show and they’re all fantastic – he gets what we’re trying to do and owns it every time," Igoe told The Hollywood Reporter.
In addition to the mash-up, Groban also performed “Voce Existe Em Mim,” a Portuguese song from his upcoming fifth studio album, Illuminations.
Watch videos of both performances below.