Video exclusive: Josh Groban on Sundance and his next album


Singer Josh Groban, the best selling musical artist of 2007, took to the Sundance Film Festival, where he told The Hollywood Reporter about plans for an "acoustic feel" to his next album, in an exclusive video interview.
Groban was one of several Warner Bros. Records artists in Park City, Utah to take part in an intimate concert series during the film festival. The event is sponsored by Zone Bar and performances are being taped on a small stage in Harry-O's bar along Main Street, in the heart of the Sundance action. The gathering is billed as a celebration of the connection between music and the movies and footage from it is destined for a special on the Fuse network.

Sharon Stone and Missy Higgins were just some who enjoyed Groban's music at the small venue dubbed ZonePerfectBar.

"It's my first time at Sundance, and it's really fun for me because I've been a film fan forever," Groban said.  "I've been very fortunate and  very happy to have my music as part of films, and I always loved the combination of film and music. I think they complement each other brilliantly since the beginning of both types of art."

Coming off a 10-month arena tour, which he loved, Groban admitted he found the intimate setting of the Sundance concert refreshing.

"There's something about being able to see the whites of everybody's eyes, " he said. "To just get down there and sing a really intimate's just fun."

"Warners said 'You might think we're crazy but would you like to do this?'  And I thought, absolutely. Its an opportunity to get to an amazing festival. For me, musically, having played the same songs the same way for the last year, (it) gives us an opportunity to let the songs really breathe, to let me just sing without having to worry about lights and running back and forth across the stage and kinda bring it back down to its most basic elements."

It was great practice for what he's thinking about doing with his next album, which he anticipates will have "an acoustic feel."

"I still have a lot of recording to do [on the album] and I think that it will be late 2008, early 2009 for the release," he said.

"Where Music Meets Film" is an invitation only event taking place Jan. 24-26 in Park City.  Fuse will air several performances from the concerts in a one-hour special TV series.

The operatic singer also took part in a large-scale charity concert as part of the "Concerts For a Cause" series. A portion of the proceeds will go toward The Josh Groban Foundation as well as The Park City Jazz Festival and One Heart Foundation.

His latest Christmas album "Noel" remained number one on the Billboard charts for five weeks.