Kanye West Gets "Oxygen" From Adidas Collab

AP Images/Invision

While appearing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' the rapper-fashion designer noted that Adidas has allowed him to have complete creative freedom for his new sneaker line, unlike his previous deal with Nike which made him feel "suffocated."

In case you worried that the new Kanye West x Adidas line was a name only branding stunt, you can rest assured that the collection will be 100% authentic Kanye.

While making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday, Yeezy praised his Adidas deal for allowing him to be truly creative in his fashion pursuits. Whereas previous collaborators, (ahem, Nike), made him feel “suffocated" by stifling his creativity, the rapper said that Adidas gave him the "oxygen" he'd been desperately craving to truly express himself.

"There’s no amount of money they can give you to not be creative if you were born to create," West said of Nike's restrictions. "A lot of times people try to block your creativity, control you with money, and Adidas allowed me to make my own whole clothing line, which I wanted to do, and it was just like a little bit of oxygen."

West also admitted that he’s matured a bit over the past couple of years, thanks in part to his role as a family man. West described his difficulties expressing himself in his earlier forays into fashion as his version of daughter North’s "terrible twos." "My daughter wants to express herself but she doesn’t have the words for it. For me, there’s so many things I want to do with film, clothing and I just didn’t have the words or the resources or the backing or perception that I could do it being that I’m a rapper," he noted. 

There’s no telling exactly what West's Adidas collection will look like now that he’s been given complete creative control, but we're willing to bet it’s going to make a statement — in true Kanye form, of course.

Watch his interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show below.