Kerry Washington Grew Up With Her Makeup Artist

Austin Hargrave
Kerry Washington, left, and Carola Gonzalez

We all grow up with our besties. The 'Scandal' star's just happens to be on her glam squad.

Remember when Kerry Washington arrived in a strapless orange Prada gown with bold navy eyes to finish off her stunning look at this year's Emmys? That happens to be one of the major highlights for both the Scandal star and her longtime makeup artist, Carola Gonzalez.

"It was a great metallic blue," says Gonzalez, who appears in this year's Hollywood Reporter Beauty Issue with Washington, of one of her favorite 2014 beauty moments. "I think it was just the perfect choice for the dress."

Having worked with Gonzalez for the last 10 years, the Golden Globe-nominated actress says she appreciates her makeup guru for looking at her red-carpet outfits and finding "a way to have my face embody the whole look of the moment. I always feel like myself, but I feel like the look is complete."

So, exactly how much does she trust Gonzalez with her appearance? "She could do my face in the dark, and I actually want to blindfold her one day, just to see what happens because I think she could do it," Washington says jokingly (or not).

For Gonzalez, the one thing you can always find her fine-tuning is the actress' eyebrows.

"I really can't see a hair out of place when it comes to eyebrows. It makes me sick to my stomach," shares the makeup maven while sitting alongside her client during their THR shoot. "I only look at yours and mine. I don't care about anyone else's."

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