Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones Call 'Field of Dreams' 'Magical,' 'Emotional' at Reunion (Video)

Kevin Costner Field of Dreams 25th anniversary - H 2014
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Dwier Brown and Timothy Busfield also spoke with Bob Costas at the Iowa diamond over Father's Day Weekend about the film's memorable—and misquoted—lines.

Twenty-five years after Field of Dreams was released, castmembers Kevin Costner, Dwier Brown and Timothy Busfield reunited at the Dyersville, Iowa diamond over Father's Day Weekend to reminisce about the film's production and reflect on its legacy.

"I don't know how this film worked—honest to God, we're just sitting here talking intellectually about this movie," Costner told NBC's Bob Costas in a Today segment that aired on Thursday. "But you know, movies aren't intellectual, they're emotional, and this one rang a bell."

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Busfield said of filming the 1989 baseball feature: "It was the drought of '88, all the corn everywhere around this field was dead, the grass was being painted green and there were flies everywhere. Yet what came of the movie is so magical."

The cast gathered on the field that is visited by an estimated 65,000 fans per year. The anniversary weekend included a screening of the film and a celebrity game. "I get a chance to bring my three little kids here! It's really good full circle for me that this movie lives so long," Costner said, comparing the site to Disneyland. "It's a healthy reminder to me that, if you start out with what you think a good movie is, it might end up that way and it might live forever."

The segment also featured James Earl Jones, who revealed his in-house apprehensions about the film's release at the time. "My wife said, 'You know, there's this little movie, you've got to do the movie. But I want to warn you, the long speech about baseball will never be in the film, it'll be on the cutting-room floor,'" 

Costas also asked Brown how often fans ask him to "have a catch," one of the movie's most memorable moments. "Quite a bit, and I always just say, 'I'd like that,'" noted Brown, repeating the film's line. "Sometimes we just toss a piece of paper back and forth. Usually the people have some amazing story to tell me about how the movie changed their lives ... that moment is so moving to people, and if you have any sort of father issues, it gets imprinted in the back of your mind."

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While the quote "If you build it, he will come," is commonly misquoted as "they," Costner said he doesn't mind the inaccuracy. "It's part of the language now across their country, and movies at their best are about moments that you never forget," he said. "A lot of times, people go, ‘You know, the movies ... movies don't mean anything. This one did. This little movie did."

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