Kevin Hart Talks Sex Scenes, Stripping With Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

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From the lip drag to the nose touch, the "About Last Night" star revealed how he "practiced his sexy things to do," for the new raunchy comedy.

Fans of Kevin Hart are going to see an awful lot more of the comedian in his new film About Last Night, the hilarious star assured Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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"It is really good. We're dealing with relationships in a real way," he explained. "I feel like it is my best work to date. I can't wait for people to see it. I feel like I am a grown man in this movie."

Along with his newfound emotional depth -- expect a plenty of flesh too, he warned.

"The goose is loose!" laughed Hart, referring to raunchy scenes in the latest adaptation from David Mamet’s play Sexual Perversity in Chicago.

"I practiced my moves, I practiced my sexy things to do," he said. "Am I going to go with the nose touch? Any time you say something heartfelt, you touch a girl's nose ... Or do you go with the traditional lip drag?" which he revealed is a subtle way to make her stop talking. "There are so many choices because I feel so sexy."

Dumbfounded Kimmel confessed that he "didn't know about either one of those moves," but the Ride Along actor warned him that he probably shouldn't try them: "It's not safe -- I wouldn't do it, I just said that these are ideas."

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The ensemble comedy -- which also stars Regina Hall, Joy Bryant and Michael Ealy -- is not the only place where there's a chance of spotting a naked Hart this Valentine's Day, as he warned that he might strip for sports fans on Friday night after the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

After being named MVP two years in a row, "I am going for a three-peat this year," he vowed. "If I do, I am walking away from the game of basketball as a champion. I am going to be butt naked on the court.

Hart, who takes the game seriously, continued: "I am going to leave my uniform like as if I walked in the house and somebody took advantage of me. I am going to leave all my clothes out and walk off butt naked as a three-time MVP."

"They will probably tackle me before I pull the hammer out! I am going full nudity going off the court," he laughed, much to Kimmel's bemusement.

About Last Night opens in theaters on Friday, and the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game airs that same night on ESPN at 7 p.m. ET.

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Hart will be joined by Michael B. Jordan, Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton, Nick Cannon, Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams and Scandal's Columbus Short, along with WNBA players Skylar Diggins and Elena Delle Donne, and coaches Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons of ESPN's NBA Countdown.

Watch Hart's interview below: