Kristen Bell Tells Craig Ferguson: 'I Spooned a Kangaroo' (Video)

Famous for her love of sloths, the "Veronica Mars" star told the "Late Late Show" host how she had gotten up close and personal with a marsupial down under.

Kristen Bell has long talked about her obsession with sloths -- and even had an emotional encounter with one of the sleepy mammals on The Ellen DeGeneres Show -- and on Thursday night, she revealed an affection for another exotic animal.

"I spooned a kangaroo once, with my body. I put it right here," the Veronica Mars star bragged to Craig Ferguson when she appeared on the Late Late Show.

When asked if her husband Dax Shephard had joined her in the marsupial cuddle-fest down under, she replied brashly: "He doesn't have the balls."

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The star of the hugely popular Kickstarter-funded film went on to reveal: "We were in Australia and there was a rescue petting zoo [in Melbourne] for animals that have been injured."

First they petted koala bears, which are notorious for getting stoned from eating eucalyptus leaves. "You know they are all high as a kite. They are nuts. They are stoned and the vast majority of them have venereal diseases," revealed Bell.

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"There was this old kangaroo and normally they don't like interaction but I kept getting closer and closer, and then I spooned her," she went on to boast.

"You're like the Gorillas in the Mist lady, but with kangaroos!" marveled Ferguson.

Watch the video of the interview below.