L.A. Kings Players Shave Their Playoff Beards for THR (Video)

After winning the 2014 Stanley Cup, the bushy beard is the last thing to go and THR captured the transformation of Trevor Lewis and Jake Muzzin as they went from rugged to clean cut.

The playoff beard has long been a tradition for hockey players — and with the Los Angeles Kings making it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, the team hadn't shaved or cut their hair since the middle of April — until now.

Kings stars (and Stanley Cup champs) Trevor Lewis and Jake Muzzin were ready to get rid of the fuzzy facial hair and invited The Hollywood Reporter along to get a behind-the-scenes look at their man-makeover.

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"I can’t wait to get this beard off. It's been itchy and almost like an extra pillow on my face. ­I am just happy that I don't have to do it myself," said Lewis before he got lathered up at Floyd's 99 barbershop in Hermosa Beach, Calif. on Wednesday.

"I am pretty lazy, so it's been one less thing to do," admitted the King's 27-year-old center/right wing, who said he can never go completely clean-shaven because he "looks like a baby," despite currently having stitches in his cheek from being hit by a hockey stick. 

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Teammate Muzzin had been planning to get rid of all his beard, but then found it hard to say goodbye to his furry friend, even after getting it dirty "with spilled champagne and beer" during the post-victory party.

"I am attached to it now, but we're going to trim it up and make it look pretty," he said, before getting his curly hair shaved off too.

As for keeping their facial hair maintained amid the drama on the ice. "You just have to let the beard do what the beard has to do and let it go," he explained. "Sometimes you get hairs in your mouth, but other than that, it's alright."

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When asked who had the best beard on the team, the unanimous reply was Jeff Carter, who loves the caveman look so much that he's refusing to shave at all. "It is part of him now," Lewis said.

Which poor player couldn't grow a beard at all? "Tyler Toffoli, for sure. His beard was pathetic … there wasn't really a beard even there," laughed Muzzin, while Lewis compared it to "a little peach fuzz mustache." 

Watch video of the ceremonial shaving above, and look out for exclusive before and after portraits of the players' makeover in THR's Sports Issue next month.