This is Lizzy Caplan's Favorite Beauty Moment, Ever

Eric Ray Davidson
Sabrina Bedrani, left, and Lizzy Caplan

The 'Masters of Sex' star and longtime makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani rediscover the Showtime's star best face to date

Between all of the movie premieres, awards shows and star-studded events, actress Lizzy Caplan has had a lot of red-carpet looks. Her favorite? 

"The Emmys," reveals the Masters of Sex actress during a sit-down with her makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani for THR's Beauty Issue. "Everybody was working toward one uniform look rather than trying to make it about one specific element." 

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"I think because the dress was so simple and so chic and showed a lot of skin, we wanted to go for something a little more dramatic," explains Bedrani, whose celebrity clientele also includes Sandra Bullock and Jessica Biel.

The duo have been working together since an Elle magazine cover that Caplan did for her 2012 dramedy Bachelorette.

When asked what they like best about working with one another, Bedrani said, "The stuff that comes out of her mouth," while Caplan quickly offered: "The accent."

Of the Parisian makeup artist, Caplan said: "There is nothing chicer than a French woman."

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