Watch the Manning Brothers Drop the Beat in New DirecTV Ad

DIRECTV/Scott McDermott

Peyton and Eli Manning create another rap video to promote the Fantasy Zone channel, part of the satellite provider's NFL Sunday Ticket package

As the NFL pre-season gets underway, DirecTV has once again enlisted the help of the Manning brothers in promoting its product. Last summer the all-star quarterbacks made waves with their wildly popular “Football on Your Phone” (a.k.a. F.Y.O.P.) rap video advertising DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Max program, which allowed subscribers to view any game on any device. This year, Peyton and Eli Manning are back with a song titled “Fantasy Football Fantasy,” (or "F.F.F.," because what is a rap song without an acronym?) about DirecTV’s new Fantasy Zone channel.

After a well-dressed Peyton introduces the new service to Eli, who appears to be arriving home from a country club luncheon in pastel shorts and a sweater, the two lose no time in dropping the preppy act to don chains and baseball caps. The new music video hits every mark on the hip-hop checklist, complete with backup dancers, autotune and the “yeahs," grunts and abbreviated laughs Peyton carries over in his role from the first song. The video also features cameos from Archie Manning, Chris Johnson and Joe Namath in cut scenes one might expect from a Lonely Island music video, as well as appearances from three Denver Broncos linemen and three New York Giants linemen. As the song progresses, however, the video gets increasingly strange and delves further into the realm of fantasy, eventually landing Eli in space and depicting Peyton as the man in the moon.

Eli described the experience as a fun and festive way for both him and for fans to get excited about the upcoming season and associated fantasy leagues, and Peyton chimed in that it was nice to spend part of the off-season with his brother back home in New Orleans, where the video was filmed. Eli, though, seemed concerned that Peyton enjoyed the experience a little too much. “Peyton still likes to try to sleep in the same room as me, which is a little different,” he said of the nights they spent together in their parents’ home. Peyton nodded in agreement, unashamed.

The music video dropped Monday. Watch it below.