Matthew McConaughey Says 'Dallas Buyers Club' Subject Ron Woodroof Would 'Be Doing a Little Dancing and Partying' (Video)

The best male lead winner at Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards shares his (and his film's late inspiration's) feelings about all of the accolades the movie's receiving.

Matthew McConaughey felt good about Dallas Buyers Club when he was finished filming the movie, but he feels even better about it now that it's received critical acclaim and numerous awards nominations and wins.

"I felt good after we finished making it. I was fulfilled," the actor said in The Hollywood Reporter's Piaget Lounge at Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards. "And I saw the first cut, and I was like, 'Ooh, I think we made a good movie, too.' And now, a year and a half later, to have the light shown on it that's being shown, the fact that it's sticking with people, that people are saying this is more than sticking with us, this is really excellent work and an excellent movie -- not just my performance, other performances, the movie editing. …The whole thing was such a miracle to get made and then to have … these lights shown on it makes me proud and honored.

Indeed, McConaughey thinks that even Ron Woodroof, the late, real-life Dallas electrician he plays in the film, would be celebrating the film's success without abandon.

"He'd be doing a little dancing and partying right now. He'd definitely be doing a little jig right now," McConaughey told THR, adding that Woodroof would be having "more than a drink."

McConaughey's looking to add to the many awards he's won for his portrayal of Woodroof at Sunday's Oscars, where he's the favorite to take home the Academy Award for best actor.

But no matter what happens, he plans to make a big family breakfast on Monday morning, and continue taking risks like those that have caught the attention of critics and awards organizations.

"What effect will [Dallas Buyers Club's awards attention] have on my career? To keep doing more of the same as far as seeking the experience," the actor said. "Take the risk and try to find something that it doesn't appear that I can make an original take on it from the gate, but once I get into it, it usually comes up, and there's an ownership that comes with that that gives me a lot of freedom and courage."