Michelle Obama Joins Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell for 'Ew!' (Video)

From left: Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama

The First Lady convinced the drag-wearing comedians that exercise and kale chips are not gross.

First Lady Michelle Obama is going to great lengths to promote her Let's Move campaign.

Obama dropped by Jimmy Fallon's recurring "Ew!" segment, which stars the Tonight Show host as a teen girl who is grossed out by nearly everything. This time, Will Ferrell (also in drag) was in the mix, and both Fallon and Ferrell agreed on one thing: exercise and other healthy things are "ew!"

Obama dropped by to disagree.

"Exercise is not 'ew!' You just have to find an activity that's for you," she said, before making the men eat a kale chip.

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Obama and Fallon previously struck comedy gold when she dropped by Late Night last February. The pair unveiled The Evolution of Mom Dancing, with Fallon going drag for the bit. While in New York this time around, the First Lady also stopped by a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the home of Obama booster Maneesh Goyal, with prices pegged at 10,000 to $15,000 per person.