Watch Michelle Phan Dish on Her Best Beauty Look: Zombie Barbie (Exclusive)

Michelle Phan/Screenshot
Michelle Phan

The YouTube expert and entrepreneur also shares her secret to breakthrough videos and why she doesn't believe in the term "self-made."

FYI, Michelle Phan's best-received beauty look is also her creepiest — Zombie Barbie.

"She was always perfect in every way, beautiful, and then, all of a sudden, she turns into a zombie!" said Phan of the how-to's irony in the latest episode of Huge on the Tube, VH1's new digital series that explores YouTube stars' breakthrough videos, including clips from Todrick Hall, Jenna MarblesGrace Helbig and Mamrie Hart.

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Phan also noted how she aims to make each makeup tutorial special: by always elevating it with a storytelling element and unique editing ("I see videomaking as an art — it's not a process for me.") and humbly thanking everyone who's helped her along the way.

"I don't believe in that term 'self-made' — not to be offensive, but I believe everything happens for a reason, every single person you meet. Even if it's one single person giving you advice, that person helped you get to where you're at today."

Watch The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive look at Phan's Huge on the Tube episode below.

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