Exclusive Video: In 'Mobius,' Jean Dujardin Plays Russian Spy and Gifted Cassanova

The Oscar-winner for "The Artist" is back in the thriller, on VOD April 1.

Audiences overseas have already had a chance to catch Jean Dujardin spy flick Mobius in theaters -- but its U.S. release is VOD-only on April 1, followed two weeks later by a DVD and Blu-ray release from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Eric Rochant's thriller premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2013 and follows the Oscar-winning star of The Artist as he plays Gregory Lioubov, an undercover Russian spy stationed in Monaco. There he seduces financial whiz Alice Redmond (Cecile de France), bedding her with the kind of skill that would turn 007 green with envy.

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Gregory tells Alice he's a book publisher, but he's really using her to glean info on a corrupt Russian oligarch (Tim Roth). But with ties to the CIA, is Alice using him right back? 

Having played a two-timing Swiss banker to wickedly comic effect in The Wolf of Wall Street, Dujardin slips quite comfortably into yet another tale of financial malfeasance set against an exotic European locale.

Watch this game of cat-and-mouse play out in this exclusive trailer. (It includes a handy demonstration of what a Mobius strip is, for those who don't know.)