'Vampire Diaries' Star Kat Graham Launches French Film Noir-Inspired 'Muse' Series (Exclusive)

The three short films feature original music written and recorded by Graham and are complemented by a coffee-table book of photos, poems and interviews.

Kat Graham is a steamy source of inspiration in Muse, her new series of short films that lists her as producer, singer and star.

Made in conjunction with Maker Studios, the three films follow a photographer (played by Louis Oberlander) who is in love with his muse (Graham). The Vampire Diaries star and her oft-director Darren Genet aimed to evoke the tones of film noir, French New Wave and street photographers like Sophie Calle and Saul Leiter. The first installment, out Feb. 10, is the first film produced through Graham's Panthera Pictures production company.

The series features original music written and recorded by Graham. She worked again with her longtime music producer collaborator Jean-Yves "Jeeve" Ducornet on the tracks, which will also be released as an EP. 

Muse branches into print as well — a coffee table book featuring original photos taken by Harold Julian, poems composed by Graham and chats with taste-makers and entertainers. The title will be released through Foundry Literary and Media.

"I was inspired to create a capsule collection that encompasses film, music, literature and art, centered on an artist's muse," says Graham of the project. "What that abstract concept meant to me and how I could turn what inspires me into something the world could understand was profoundly compelling. I had yet to see a capsule collection presented this way, so I teamed up with my friends to create it. I've always been a fan of French films and filmmakers.

"Stylistically, I knew I wanted to incorporate the attitude of film noir into the project," Graham continues. "I am most often known as an actor and as a music artist. I did not want to abandon these aspects of my art, so I made Muse."

The first installment of Muse premieres online on Feb. 10. Watch the short and steamy teaser above, and see the accompanying poster below.