VIDEO: Nate Berkus Does Live TV Appearance, Goes to Hospital for Appendicitis

He is forced to push back tapings of his show, which has struggled to gain a ratings foothold, for surgery.

Nate Berkus did a live TV appearance on the Today show Tuesday -- before being rushed to the hospital for appendicitis. Watch his appearance, below.

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"He wasn't feeling well," a rep for the company that produces The Nate Berkus Show told "He powered through and then went straight to the hospital after that and they learned he had appendicitis."

Berkus had been complaining about feeling under the weather before going on air to talk about holiday decorating with Matt Lauer. "He was in a lot of pain," says the rep. "I don't think people realized how ill he was."

Berkus has had to push back tapings of his own show for surgery.

"He had to postpone tapings for now. He would have taped two shows [Tuesday]," his rep said. "It's anticipated that he will be back next week."

Berkus is "resting and he's expected to have an appendectomy," the rep added. "Doctors expect a quick recovery."

Since premiering his show in September, the Oprah Winfrey protege has struggled to gain a ratings foothold With 1.2 million viewers a day, he remains a distant No. 2 to HLN competitor Nancy Grace, who gets about 2 million viewers a day.

In contrast, Winfrey-launched Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz. each became the highest-rated new show of the year.