VIDEO: Par stars pop up, crack wise


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LAS VEGAS -- Stars from Paramount's upcoming summer slate made several unscripted appearances at ShoWest.

Introducing a Tuesday night screening of the animated "Kung Fu Panda" at the Paris Hotel's Theatre des Artists, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg recalled that seven years ago he made a similar trip to the convention to show off a work-in-progress titled "Shrek," which has become his company's signature franchise.

No sooner did he mention the name of that movie's star Mike Myers than Myers himself stepped out of the wings, comically interrupting the proceedings to introduce, along with his co-star Jessica Alba, several scenes from their upcoming Paramount comedy "The Love Guru."

"It's a very, very fun and silly movie," Myers said of the June 20 release, in which he plays a self-help guru named Pitka with a penchant for cracking such straight-out-of-burlesque-jokes like, "I'll have the alligator soup -- and make it snappy!"

Following the screening of "Panda" -- Paramount releases the animated adventure in which Jack Black voices a panda who evolves into a kung fu master on June 6 -- the party moved on to the Planet Hollywood hotel next door, where the studio hosted a bash for its Aug. 15 comedy "Tropic Thunder."

Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore noted that the past two years have seen R-rated comedies hit blockbuster status in August and that he's hoping for the same results with "Thunder," which stars Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Black as self-involved Hollywood actors shooting a war movie who suddenly find themselves in the middle of real jungle warfare.

Stiller, who also directed the film, appeared alongside Downey, who also stars in the summer's "Iron Man" from Paramount and Marvel Studios, to introduce a trailer and scenes from the film.

But first the two engaged in a little comic sparring.

Not to be upstaged by Downey's "Iron Man" role, Stiller reminded all that he had made his own superhero movie, "Mystery Men," telling his co-star, "You may have been in jail when that came out."

Parried Downey, "My son woke up screaming -- he had this terrible nightmare we were going to have to see 'The Heartbreak Kid' (Stiller's most recent movie) again."