Paul McCartney Collaborates With Robot on New Music Clip (Video)

Nasty Little Man

Newman teams up with Beatle great for “Appreciate,” will join him on current Japanese tour.

Paul McCartney has had many illustrious collaborators over the years, starting with his late songwriting partner John Lennon in the Beatles, but he’s never teamed up with a robot before … until now.

Over the years, Macca’s videos have featured cameos by the likes of Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Jude Law, Tom Ford, Sean Penn and Natalie Portman.

This morning, Paul announced his first-ever artistic pairing with a robot, named Newman, the two of them teaming up for the new music video “Appreciate,” a song from McCartney’s NEW album, released last year.

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The video finds Newman on patrol in a museum of humans, getting drawn to one exhibition in particular. In a dimly lit sound studio, he spots McCartney sitting on a stool clutching his iconic Hofner bass. Paul twitches, making a sound on the guitar, and to Newman’s astonishment he comes to life as the song “Appreciate” starts up. Paul approaches Newman, staring through a force field that encloses him. Newman then reaches out and pulls Paul out of the exhibition. As the two of them move around the museum, all the other exhibitions start coming to life as well.

Said McCartney: “I woke up one morning with an image in my head of me standing with a large robot. I thought it might be something that could be used for the cover of my album NEW, but instead the idea turned out to be for a music video for ‘Appreciate.’ Together with the people who had done the puppetry for the worldwide hit War Horse, we developed the robot who became Newman.”

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The video premiered exclusively in Japan this week, where Paul and his band will be performing to sold-out crowds in Tokyo and Osaka, with Newman joining them.

Andre Chocron directed the video, which was filmed in London. Mervyn Miller and Ed Dimbleby designed Newman for Significant Object Ltd.