VIDEO: Randy Quaid's Bizarre Paranoid Appearance on 'GMA'

He says his brother Dennis has asked him to go to therapy, denies he's on drugs or has mental health issues, says somebody slipped Mel Gibson "a mickey" and that Britney Spears should be afraid for her life.

Randy Quaid and his wife Evi made a bizarre appearance on ABC's Good Morning America Monday morning.

Speaking from Vancouver, Canada, where they were arrested after skipping out on court hearings in the U.S., the couple spoke about again about "Star Whackers" who have been "attempting to kill them for their money."

"They follow us, they tail us," said Randy, who denied he was on drugs and said he was mentally stable. "They tag our cell phone they hack our computer."

Added Evi, "We are refugees … we are Hollywood refugees… I feel like Uma Thurman buried in a coffin… I genuinely feel these people are trying to kill us."

Who exactly is trying to kill them? "An estate planner who would make a living trust and a county that could cash randy's royalty stream forever," Evi suggested. "They are business men. It's the mafia, it's organized crime."

Randy went on, "It's possible for people gain control of every facet of your life… our very existence is being challenged and we feel very alive."

The couple, who wed in 1989, say they're concerned for Randy's little brother, Dennis, who has implored them to enter therapy.

"It's been a little tense the past few years but I love my brother very much. We're worried about him," said Randy. "He's being victimized by the same people."

"Dennis is now on a treadmill of making movies that are garbage and it's unfortunate because he's talented," said Evi.

Also in danger of assassination: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Mel Gibson, of whom Evi says, "I think he was drugged. I think he was slipped a Mickey."

At one point during the interview, Randy grew frustrated at his wife, shouting, "Evi will you shut up, please!"

They're due in a California court on Tuesday, but it's unclear if they'll return to the states in time. Randy has said he will look for television and movie work from there.

"We're just trying to find some safety and security in this," he said.