Former Record Company Executive Steve Rennie Conducts Online Music Business Seminar (Video)

Courtesy of Renman Music and Business

Looking to be the "Dr. Phil of the music business," he goes live today with all-day seminar on how to succeed in an increasingly difficult marketplace.

When it comes to the music business, Steve Rennie knows what he’s talking about.

The former Epic Records svp/gm, Avalon Attractions svp and Incubus manager has been conducting his series of Renman Live webcasts for two years now on his site, interviewing some of the major movers in the music industry and streaming them from the office in his Coldwater Canyon home.

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His aim was to be the “Dr. Phil of the music business,” helping artists and industry hopefuls alike prepare for the tough grind that is the modern music industry, hoping to help provide the mind-set necessary to break through.
“For 30 years, I’ve had people coming to me and asking me questions about breaking into the business. 'Can you break it down for me?' The light just came on and I thought, ‘You should do this. Stop talking about it and start doing.'"

Over the past two years, Rennie’s guests have included everyone from Imagine Dragons producer Alex Da Kid and C3 Presents concert promoter Charles Attal to manager Jim Guerinot, producer Brendan O’Brien, Beats Music's’ Ian Rogers and Coachella founder Paul Tollett.

Rennie kicks off his expanded, one-day live seminar, "Dream It, Do It: Breaking Into the Music Industry,” today from 9 a.m. (PT) to 4 p.m. (PT), from the education portal’s Music & Audio channel in their Seattle studios.

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Rennie’s workshop includes tips on achieving success in the business, what it takes to get your foot in the door and where to go from there.  You have to appreciate someone who titles one of his “Big Picture” chapters, “F**k the Gatekeepers.”

Join the seminar as it's happening right now: 

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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