Video Resurfaces of Donald Trump Driving, Listening to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space"

Mark Wilson/Getty Images
President Donald Trump

Axios unearthed the footage, posted to Melania Trump's Facebook page, of the president behind the wheel in 2014.

With the exception of inviting Kid Rock and Ted Nugent to the White House and having Poison's Bret Michaels and KISS' Gene Simmons in the mix on The Celebrity Apprentice, President Donald Trump does not appear to have an obviously discernible taste in pop music. But now, as first reported by Axios, we have proof positive that the POTUS knows a hot jam when he hears one.

The clip in question — posted to wife Melania's Facebook page — is 19 seconds of Trump driving his family around in December 2014 silently listening to Taylor Swift's then-new 1989 single "Blank Space" while Melania films the scene from the back seat and then-8-year-old son Barron sits up front with dad.

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