VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh on MSNBC: Liberal, But Honest

The conservative radio host went off on a CNN claim that its journalists are fair and balanced, while complimenting MSNBC's approach.

Well, hell has officially frozen over. Rush Limbaugh is praising MSNBC for its honesty.

And all it took was a common enemy: CNN.

Limbaugh went on a tirade Wednesday over CNN's new video promo that positions itself the clear choice for unbiased news, while Fox News Channel supports Republicans and MSNBC is for Democrats.

"When you support one party over the other, that's OK -- if you're a voter," says the promo. "But not if you are a news network."

The claim was too much for Limbaugh, who read the promo's copy over the air, ending with, "CNN: the worldwide leader in news that nobody watches."

He added in those last three words on his own. Then he went off on CNN's claim that its journalists are, shall we say, fair and balanced, while complimenting MSNBC's approach.

"CNN, you are as big a bunch of Commie-libs as MSNBC is," he said. "The difference is that MSNBC is honest about it."

CNN didn't respond to Limbaugh's assertions, but if no publicity is bad publicity then some executives there might be quietly celebrating the extra attention Limbaugh has created for the 20 second ad.

In fact, probably no CNN promo has caused such a stir since one in 2002 that called Paula Zahn -- one of their newest star journalists at the time -- "just a little sexy."

CNN yanked that one pretty quick, though.