Salma Hayek Was Hairstylist Robert Vetica's Maid of Honor

David Needleman

For Hayek and her longtime hair guru, beauty runs deep

Hairstylist Robert Vetica and actress Salma Hayek have been working with each other from the very beginning.

"I met her when she first came to America and she spoke broken English," Vetica said when he sat down with his longtime friend and client for THR's Beauty Issue. "Before Frida, before her Oscar nomination, before everything — and I had just moved here too."

Since those early days, Hayek has gone on to become an Oscar winner and international superstar, while Vetica has amassed a star-studded client list that also includes Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Swank, and written a book, Good to Great Hair: Celebrity Hairstyling Techniques Made Simple.

"For all of the important moments of your life, the hairdresser is there," explained Hayek, who acted as the maid of honor at Vetica's wedding. "When you have the fortune to work with the same person and you grow together … it is like a marriage."


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