VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at the Next Gen 2010 Photo Shoot

Hollywood's top execs meet up at The Hollywood Reporter's Next Gen photo shoot.

At the photo shoot for the Next Gen issue, cover boys Alex Goldstone, Andrew Miller, Brent Morley, Josh Hornstock and Todd Christopher along with other top execs under 35 years old made their presence felt atop the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

"Being a part of the Next Generation list, it's really exciting. To look back historically and see the list of incredible people that have done this before and to just think for one second that I get to be a part of that group in any small way, I'm very gratified and it gives me a great sense of pride," Morley, a talent agent at William Morris Endeavor, said.

The Collective's Dan Weinstein talked about being honored as one of the 35 under 35. "I'm honored, the recognition from working hard in this space, which is extraordinarily new."

"If you do the work and really love it and put in your time and get lucky here and there, good things can happen," Mike Farah, president of production at Funny or Die, said.

"This is public acknowledgment from your colleagues and from your industry, which is really gratifying for a job well done. But I think more than anything, it says, 'OK, we see the potential in you to go even greater heights and that to me is really exciting because obviously I want to go to the moon,' " Noah Pollack, vp of development and programming at VH1, said.

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