'Sesame Street' Celebrates 1 Billion YouTube Hits With Count Clip (Video)

Sesame Street Cast - P 2012

Sesame Street Cast - P 2012

The children's show enlists the Count to sing a song about how many fans have watched the original shorts and clips from the show.

Sesame Street has become the first ever non-profit organization and first US children’s company to reach over 1 billion channel views on YouTube.

Last month, the channel reached out to viewers and asked them to help reach record-breaking number of tally. If completed, they promised a special video in return.

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Traffic to Sesame Street's channel has largely been driven by the series' slew of high profile guests -- India Arie, Adam Sandler, Will.i.am and Feist are featured in the highest ranking -- but "Elmo's Song" remains the channel's top performer with north of 87 million hits.

The record was broken Tuesday night, and early Wednesday morning the channel responded with a video of The Count musically illustrating how big 1 billion is.

Watch the video below: