Shailene Woodley 'Really' Relates to 'Divergent' Character: 'I'm a Fighter' (Video)

At the Independent Spirit Awards, the actress also tells THR what she likes about making indie films versus studio franchises and who she's rooting for at the Oscars.

Of Shailene Woodley's many roles throughout her quickly skyrocketing career, the actress relates most to Tris, the heroine of the Divergent franchise.

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"I really relate to her 'Fight, not flight' -- I'm a fighter," she told The Hollywood Reporter on the blue carpet of the Independent Spirit Awards, where she was nominated for best female lead for The Spectacular Now.

She added, "But also, I grew up with two psychologist parents, so empathy, selflessness and compassion are engrained in me from a two-year-old. I think that juxtaposition of being brave and being a fighter … and being soft and gentle."

Woodley, who first generated big-screen buzz with The Descendants and will soon be seen in Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars, noted that she prefers the "organic process" of making independent films.

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"There's a sense of freedom in it," she told THR. "Studio films are sort of a lot of cooks in the kitchen -- and that's good, and that needs to happen because there's a formula. They know what works and what doesn't work.

"But in indie films, it's kind of like, we have a blank canvas, and you're like, 'I'm gonna throw some red on there today. Oh shit, that looks awful -- tomorrow, we gotta throw some blue because that red didn't work.' You're sort of making it up as you go along."

She added of the on-set spontaneity, "I get bored easily, so to change it up frequently is nice."

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As for this year's Oscar race, Woodley responded without hesitation that she's rooting for Alexander Payne's indie drama Nebraska.

Watch THR's interview with Woodley in the video above.