VIDEO: SNL Mocks Spider-Man on Broadway

"Do you know how many people die every year doing Jersey Boys?" jokes Andy Samberg.

Spider-Man on Broadway just can't catch a break.

After weeks of delays, injuries and even an audience member catcalling, "I feel like a guinea pig!" after snafus with the first preview appearance -- now Saturday Night Live is taking digs.

In a clip (watch above) from Weekend Update, Andy Samberg, playing Spider-Man, tells Seth Meyers, "Don't believe the negative press, Seth. Spider-Man is the greatest musical ever. I really think you're going to flip for it!"

After Samberg tried unsuccessfully to flip a few times, he quipped, "Sorry, Seth, this is all very new to me. I'm the fourth understudy. The first one broke his wrist. The next guy shattered his leg. The next guy just exploded. It's a musical, Seth. It happens! You know how many people die every year doing Jersey Boys?"

A rep for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark e-mailed the New York Times that the $65 million production -- the most expensive in Broadway's history -- has been sending bouquets of flowers to comedy shows mocking it.

Conan O'Brien received a note that read: “We wanted to thank you for your tribute to our show, but we couldn’t decide what to send. We hope you enjoy the flowers – it was cheaper than a cease and desist.”

Miramontez added to Times, "The flowers that Conan received were sent with affection and admiration. They were expensive! If the Spider-Man company sends Seth and the ‘S.N.L.’ team a floral tribute, it might even be bigger!”