VIDEO: Stan Lee Picks Up 2,428th Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Comic book icon Stan Lee received the 2,428th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Tuesday.

Shortly after taking the podium the Spider-Man creator joked, “Some Stan Lee Day, the schools are still opened, they are delivering mail.”

He is currently the Chairman Emeritus of Marvel Enterprises and a member of the editorial board of Marvel Comics. He has created or co-created 90 percent of Marvel’s characters that have appeared in more than 2 billion comic books which have reached 75 countries and in 25 languages.

POW! Entertainment partner Gill Champion and Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane took part in Lee's ceremony.  Champion pointed out that Lee’s creations have a worldwide reach and that he is the “father of the super hero.”

He also went on to to say that Lee “lives to create and to Tweet.” Lee has more than 113,174 Twitter followers.

MacFarlane said that Lee's creations have inspired four waves of creators in their business that have benefited from the seeds that he has planted.

Lee thanked the NHL who he has partnered with to create individual super heroes called The Guardian Project. The short video with the super heroes is set to debut during the NHL all-star game on January 30th.

When asked which one of his current projects he is most looking forward to seeing, his response was "The Avengers." The super hero summit movie is set to open on May 4th, 2012. 

Lee concluded his acceptance speech by proclaiming “Excelsior!”