Super Bowl 2015: Best and Worst Commercials (Video)

Budweiser's 'Lost Dog' commercial

Which spots were your favorites (and least favorites) from Sunday's game?

This year's Super Bowl wasn't exactly the most memorable in terms of commercials, but at the very least, there wasn't anything horrifically sexist, either. From Lindsay Lohan to CGI turtles to Liam motherf—in' Neeson, here are the best and worst Super Bowl 2015 commercials. Click here to watch more commercials from Sunday's big game.

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The Best:

5. Esurance
How do you top Lindsay Lohan? If you're Esurance, you resurrect Walter White and cast him as a substitute pharmacist. "You're not Greg," a suspicious customer asks. "We both have a lot of experience with drugs," White retorts. "Excuse me, pharmaceuticals." Who knew Esurance would rule the Super Bowl commercial game?


4. BMW
Kudos to former Today show hosts Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel for letting BMW dig up some hilarious, embarrassing footage from the past. The spot features real Today show footage from 1994 where Couric and Gumbel talk about the nascent Internet and try to work their heads around the @ symbol and email. "Do you write to it like mail?" Gumbel asks, while Couric suggests that @ is short for "around or about."

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3. Budweiser
When you want to make people drink more Budweiser, you send the world's cutest puppy on a small-scale re-enactment of Homeward Bound and get a slowed-down version of the Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" to soundtrack it. Wait, what does that have to do with beer? Who cares, it's a cute puppy! A+


2. Snickers
You'd think Snickers' "You're not yourself when you're hungry" campaign would have run out of ideas after all these years. But when you have Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi on your side, anything is possible. Set in the world of The Brady Bunch, Trejo plays the hangry version of Marsha Brady while Buscemi is the upset Jan Brady. Having Buscemi exclaim the classic "Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!" is genius.

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1. Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans wins for nabbing Liam Neeson to turn a generic mobile game ad into a complete winner. Neeson plays Clash of Clans and gets Taken-style enraged at his virtual opponent, vowing to destroy him and his family. A barista interrupting his rant to pronounce Liam as "Lie-am" was a nice touch, too.


The Worst:

5. Coke
Coke suggests a novel solution to cyberbullying: Dump a Coke onto a motherboard and wait for the sugary concoction to transform the world. Less treacle, more polar bears, please.


4. Nissan
If you're going to create a car commercial that prominently features a car crash, maybe don't soundtrack it with a song ("Cat's in the Cradle") by a guy who was killed in a car crash (singer-songrwriter Harry Chapin, who died in 1981). Nissan tweeted this was their way to honor his memory, but it still feels off. Is the message that he should have been driving a Nissan?


3. Fiat
Fiat's Viagra ad was extremely well-directed, but anything that ends with a car getting a boner is a complete fail.


2. Game of War
Kate Upton
clearly cares nothing for video games that exist for boys to live out their vicarious war fantasies. Her disinterest was so obvious that she might as well have been reading the periodic table for all the enthusiasm she put into her dramatic narration.


1. Valeant
An anthropomorphic toe covered in fungus wearing a football helmet? Please never put this on my, or any, television again.

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