Super Bowl 2015: Watch the Commercials (Video)

Not all of the action will take place on the football field.

Companies will spend a combined $359 million on advertising during this year's Super Bowl, with each 30-second spot estimated to cost about $4.5 million. 

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Check out some of the most talked-about spots — and see what they're paying for — below. 


BMW i3


Kia Sorento, 'The Perfect Getaway Vehicle'


Snickers, 'You're Not You When You're Hungry'


Mophie, 'All-Powerless'


Always, '#LikeaGirl'


Lexus NX, 'Make Some Noise'

Mercedes-Benz, 'Fable'


Victoria's Secret



Bud Light, 'Real Life PacMan', '#ItsThatEasy'


T-Mobile, '#KimsDataStash'


Skittles, 'Settle It'


Game of War, 'Who I Am' featuring Kate Upton




Toyota, 'How Great I Am'


Dove Men+Care, '#RealStrength'


Avocados From Mexico,  '#FirstDraftEver'


Coca-Cola, '#MakeItHappy'


Nissan, 'With Dad'


Weight Watchers, 'All You Can Eat'


McDonald's, 'Pay With Lovin' '


Fiat, 'The Fiat Blue Pill'


Microsoft, 'Braylon O'Neill'


WeatherTech, 'America at Work'


Doritos, 'Middle Seat'


Clash of Clans, 'Revenge' featuring Liam Neeson


Microsoft, 'Estella's Brilliant Bus'


Dodge, 'Wisdom'


T-Mobile, 'Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler'


Jeep, 'Beautiful Lands'


Budweiser, 'Brewed the Hard Way'


Loctite Glue, 'Positive Feelings'


Doritos, 'When Pigs Fly'