Super Bowl: David Beckham's H&M Campaign Is Revealed (Video)

The fans have voted for the TV campaign they wanted to see, and yes, they wanted to see him #Uncovered.

David Beckham's highly anticipated H&M campaign has arrived, and between the two "action-packed spots" fans could vote for, they've chosen to see Beckham #Uncovered.

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Of the two versions -- one titled "#Covered" and the other "#Uncovered" -- the latter came out ahead in fan voting and premiered during the Super Bowl. It showed the soccer superstar heading into a photo shoot, assumedly without any clothing based on the photographers' shocked faces.

H&M had previously posted a behind-the-scenes short on Jan. 23 that featured Beckham running barefoot, leaping from buildings and performing other stunts in the brand's bodywear collection.

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"He's a magnet -- you very much move toward him," said director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives) of Beckham in the short. "I needed to have David do all his own stunts. It always had to be David, even if it meant running on roofs, or jumping or climbing hundreds of feet up in the air."

Viewers who watched the commercial from Samsung Smart TVs could directly purchase the promo's featured pieces, making it the first shoppable ad on TV.