Super Bowl: Sarah McLachlan Gives Up Animal Cruelty Fight in Audi Ad (Video)

The singer featured in ASPCA commercials sacrifices her guitar in the spot introducing the 2015 A3.

Sarah McLachlan may make audiences cry with her ASPCA commercials, but in Audi's Super Bowl spot, she gives up the fight to save one particularly odd mixed breed.

VIDEO: Most Talked About Super Bowl Commercials

Entitled "Doberhuahua," the car commercial opens with a couple in a pet store wondering which canine they should take home. As they're torn between a Doberman and a Chihuahua, the store employee suggests, "You can always compromise and breed them together -- Doberhuahua, you know what I mean?"

Unfortunately, it's not a good idea, as the dog -- composed of a giant Doberman head on a tiny Chihuahua's body -- is shown causing chaos at dog shows, dog parks and around the city. Even when posing alongside the musician in a fake commercial, as she asks, "I'm Sarah McLachlan -- will you help these misunderstood animals?" the dog rips away her guitar, pushing the sympathetic singer to give up fighting for the breed and agree with the ad's tagline: "Compromise scares us too."

Watch Audi's ad introducing the 2015 A3 above.