Tonys: 'Rocky' Touts 'Eye of the Tiger' and Boxing Ring Finale (Video)

Though he didn't sing much, Andy Karl took more than a few punches in the 360-degree boxing ring for the sequence from the production's elaborate finale.

Andy Karl took a few punches during Sunday's Tony Awards, as the best actor nominee hit the stage in his boxing gear to plug Rocky.

From the musical adaptation of the Sylvester Stallone film, Karl first appeared -- with his slew of doubles -- in a training outfit for a section from "Eye of the Tiger" but then stripped down for the sequence from the production's elaborate finale.

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As the sports announcers introduced the characters, the show's 360-degree boxing ring emerged and, as in the theatre, the audience filled the benches behind the ring.

Unfortunately, the sections chosen for the Tonys meant that Karl didn't get to sing much, but nevertheless, watch a clip of the performance above.

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