Top 10 Current U.S. Arena Songs (Video)

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
Learn 10 of the newest songs making fans cheer in stadiums, areas and ballparks across the U.S.

Recorded popular music is the latest craze in sports entertainment, raising licensing revenue for the likes of Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry.

Whether it’s an old-fashioned organ rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” or clips from the Queen catalog, there are a few tunes sports fans have come to expect as game-time entertainment. But times are changing. In addition to traditional tunes, sports teams are integrating more and more popular hits into their repertoire.

“Rock ’n’ rollers have taken over the [baseball] stadium,” said Fred Traube, head of the Watertown, Conn-based Pro Sports Music Marketing. “There’s nonstop music, pinball noises, flashing lasers…The owners can’t control if their team loses, but they can make sure the crowd is entertained.”

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Traube’s company works with major labels and artist managers, connecting them with pro and college ballparks to promote and play music.

Top 40 hits are becoming increasingly common in arenas, stadiums and fields at every level of play, increasing both the entertainment value for fans and the licensing revenue for popular artists like Calvin HarrisPharrell Williams and Katy Perry.

Here, in order, are the Top 10 songs being played in today's stadiums and arenas, courtesy of Pro Sports Music Marketing.

1. “Turn Down for What?” – DJ Snake and Lil Jon: The current champ is the top song for "walk-up" music, the song that accompanies a baseball player going to home plate.

2. “Happy” – Pharrell Williams: Keeps the crowd in a good mood, even if their team is losing.

3. “Summer” – Calvin Harris: The EDM ruler is a fixture in stadiums.

4. “Get Low” – Dillon Francis: Guaranteed to stir up the home crowd.

5. “I’m Ready” – AJR: Inspirational lyric: "You're feeling good/You're feeling right/Across the floor/And I'm already losing my mind."

6. “Back Home” – Andy Grammer: From the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica busking for change to some of the biggest arenas in the world, this unlikely star gets the crowd moving.

7. “Birthday” – Katy Perry: Someone's always having one, and this song fills the niche.

8. “Rude” – Magic!: Canadian reggae star captures the summer feel with this No. 1 smash.

9. “Waiting for Superman” – Daughtry: Former Idol contestant's anthem proves a perfect accompaniment to the action on the field.

10. “Timber” – Pitbull: The man is everywhere, including arenas and ballparks around the world.

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