3 L.A. Spots Where 'True Blood's' Costume Designer Buys Vampire Gear

Tony Rivetti/HBO
"True Blood"

Ahead of the HBO show's grand finale on Sunday, Audrey Fisher takes us on a tour of her go-to boutiques in Los Angeles for outfitting vampires and humans alike

It's hard to even begin listing everything we'll miss about HBO’s True Blood series after the final episode airs on Sunday. But one thing is for sure: We're sad to say goodbye to the seven seasons of supernatural-meets-the-South style, dreamed up by the show's costume designer Audrey Fisher.

In celebration of True Blood’s finale, Fisher takes us on a trip down memory lane via her favorite spots for sourcing the quirky outfits, fabrics and jewelry that help transport us to a world of waitresses, werewolves, and one unforgettable and utterly fabulous short-order cook. From Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) signature armfuls of bracelets to the gingham dress Sookie (Anna Paquin) sported in the pilot, here's where to score some serious True Blood style around town.



Maya Hollywood

“This is my special closet for Lafayette,” says Fisher, who first came across this jewelry- and curio-laden boutique while she was hunting for vintage on Melrose. “I immediately moved it to the top of my list of interesting resources for shows where I didn’t have a huge budget because there’s such a variety, and everything is so great.” Lafayette’s skull bracelets come from here, as do many of the chunky rings sported by werewolf and biker characters on the show. “This is my secret hoard for finding a really unusual and wonderful and very character-specific charm necklace,” she adds.

7360 Melrose Ave., L.A.; 323-655-2708; mayahollywood.com



Fisher has been sourcing pieces from her friend Joey Grana’s boutique since her days working as an assistant costume designer on That '70s Show. “It’s a real treat to come here and shop for the show,” says Fisher, referring to the store’s carefully curated selection of vintage pieces, peppered with original pieces designed by Grana himself. “Usually I’m coming here for a particular character or a really special piece,” she notes.

8021 Melrose Ave., L.A.; 323-461-1530; scoutla.com


International Silks and Woolens

“ISW is such a wonderful resource for all of us costume designers in L.A. because there’s such a historic, wonderful relationship that’s been built up between costume designers in the industry and the store,” says Fisher. "The store ownership is really friendly to all costume designers and there’s a very liberal policy in terms of pulling bolts of fabric to take to fittings. You can pull out bolts and look at stuff and keep it around, and play with it — and there’s never any pressure about getting it back.” Countless outfits were made from fabrics sourced here, from Sookie’s gingham dress in the pilot episode, to a black lace dress she wears in the show’s finale.

8347 Beverly Blvd., L.A.; 323-653-6453; internationalsilks.com