U.S. Open Star Lucy Li Shoots 78, Still Eats Ice Cream During Her Interview (Video)

Being touted as the next Tiger Woods, the 11-year-old golf prodigy has realistic plans for the near future, telling reporters she "wants to eat more ice cream."

Lucy Li could be the next big thing in golf, but she is still a kid at heart.

The 11-year-old prodigy at the U.S. Women's Open this week had one thing on her mind during a press conference at Pinehurst, N.C. — her pink ice cream.

"It was fun. I kind of struggled but it was great," Li told the reporters after becoming the youngest girl ever to qualify for the tournament.

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"My score … I am happy with how I played, it is eight-over [par] and not bad," she explained between licks of the colorful Starburst cone. "I had two birdies."

When asked why she wore a Stars and Stripes outfit  — complete with pigtails and a red visor — Li giggled, "because it is the U.S. Open. And I like red and white."

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Even though her score left her well behind the leader, Stacy Lewis, who carded a bogey-free 67, Li was more focused on her ice cream melting in the hot southern sun — and having a good time on the green.

"Getting to play in the U.S. Open was really fun, and my two playing partners were really nice," said the happy-go-lucky girl from Stanford, Calif. "I am happy I broke 80," adding that she will tell her friends: "I was seven-over in three holes, one-over par in 15 and made 13 pars."

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When asked what her plan was for the rest of the day, the answer was simple: "Eat some more ice cream!" she giggled. "It's good; it's melting, though!"

Watch video of Li's adorable ice cream-eating interview below.