'Veronica Mars' Movie: First Two Minutes Released Online (Video)

Warner Bros.

The film hits select theaters March 14, when it will also be available online.

Need a refresher course before seeing Rob Thomas' upcoming Veronica Mars movie?

The first two minutes of the much anticipated film have been released on YouTube, and they serve to remind fans of the TV show -- or those who never watched it -- what's come before.

"A teenaged private eye. Trust me, I know how dumb that sounds," Veronica (Kristen Bell) says.

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Veronica also addresses her relationship with Logan (Jason Dohring), saying, "Like me, he was fueled by rage and distrust. He wanted to make someone pay. It's likely those qualities are what drew us together -- they're absolutely what tore us apart."

The film is being released March 14, when it will be available to rent or buy online. It will also open in roughly 270 theaters across the country that day. Warner Bros. rented out the locations (most of them AMC Theaters) for the screenings. The film comes out exactly one year after the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that raised $5.7 million to finance a film version of the series.

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Set 10 years after the events of the canceled UPN/CW series, Veronica Mars finds the protagonist sleuth returning to her hometown of Neptune, Calif., to once again come to the aid of Logan. Percy Daggs III, Tina Majorino, Enrico Colantoni, Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen, Chris Lowell and Krysten Ritter are among the other returning cast members.