Vivienne Westwood on Christina Hendricks and Her 'Mad Men' Viewing Habits

Vivienne Westwood and Christina Hendricks
Rebecca Miller

The two were photographed by Rebecca Miller on Sept. 10 at Westwood’s studio in London. On Hendricks: Vivienne Westwood Couture.

"I don't know much about the program," the prolific designer admits to THR

When Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks is in need of a dress for a premiere, she often turns to edgy designer Vivienne Westwood. Although Westwood, who was recently named one of The Hollywood Reporter's top 25 red-carpet designers, admits that she's relatively unfamiliar with her client's onscreen work.

"I don't watch television and I don't follow popular culture too much," explains Westwood. "So I don't know much about the program, except I saw a little clip of it once and [Hendricks] has always got something in her mind; it's never a vacant expression"

Hendricks has been working with Westwood for about five years but says that she had been a fan of the English designer's work for about 20. She describes the designer's work as a "dichotomy of tradition and being active and always moving forward."

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