'Speed' Fan Attempts to Collect Every VHS Copy (Video)

Ryan Beitz currently owns more than 500 VHS copies of the 1994 film starring Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper and Sandra Bullock.

The quest of Speed is far from over.

The 1994 film stars Keanu Reeves as a young cop who, with the help of Sandra Bullock and Jeff Daniels, must prevent a bomb attached by Dennis Hopper to a city bus from exploding. An Idaho fan named Ryan Beitz is attempting to collect every VHS copy of the feature, with the hopes of decorating his 15-passenger van like the vehicle in the movie.

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Beitz's goal sprouted in 2006 while he was looking for affordable Christmas presents in Seattle, reports Vice. "Usually I would just, like, dumpster-dive books or something and give them to them, but when I was at the pawn shop they had six copies of Speed, and I thought it would be really funny to get everybody in my family the same gift, even me," he said in a Q&A. "I wanted to watch them open them one at a time and go, 'Oh, Speed. Don't we already have this?' Somebody else would go, 'Oh, Speed. Really funny, Ryan.' Then by the time you went around, everybody would have gotten the same gift from me. Then I could tell them that I love them all equally, you know? Just some bullshit."

But then the VHS appeal grew. "I realized it was really fascinating to have that many, like, same copies of a thing. What really cemented it was when I went to another pawn shop, and they had, like, 30 copies. I said, 'I’ll take them all.' They sold them to me for 11 cents a copy."

Beitz admitted that if he sees a VHS version of Speed selling for more than $4, "I’ll just steal it," in order to complete what he's calling the World Speed Project (currently a Kickstarter campaign to repair and revamp his bus and buy auto insurance to tour his collection).

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"I don’t give a shit whether what I do is practical or not; I just don’t want to perpetuate society’s shitty capitalism forever," he explained. "If you see everything needs a use or an instrumental value as like part of a capitalistic worldview, then the World Speed Project is anti-that ... Like the bus in Speed, we collectively cannot -- and will not -- stop."

Watch the project's video below:

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