'View' bleeps DeVito


Remarks made by actor Danny DeVito's about President Bush were bleeped out during an appearance Wednesday morning on ABC's "The View."

DeVito was on the morning gabfest to chat about his current movie, "Deck the Halls," about a battle with another character played by Matthew Broderick to see how many lights and other holiday decorations could be put on their houses.

But it was his comments about the White House — and its occupant — that got him in trouble with ABC's Broadcast Standards & Practices. "View," which airs on a seven-second delay, bleeped him twice while he was talking about Bush.

DeVito had been welcomed to the set by co-hosts Barbara Walters, Rosie O'Donnell, Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck a few minutes before the incident.

"Danny has been out partying all night, with, tell them, I'm so jealous," Behar said.

"George … George," DeVito said.

"Clooney," Behar said.

"I knew that the last seven limoncellos, it was going to get me," DeVito said.

Walters asked if him if it were true that he had been to the White House. DeVito said that he had been during the Clinton administration but not during Bush's term, causing ABC to bleep what DeVito had said before returning and then another bleep. DeVito continued his speech with various facial expressions.

A spokesman for DeVito wouldn't comment other than to say that DeVito had settled issues with the show after the appearance. An ABC spokesman confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the network bleeped DeVito twice but declined to discuss the incident further.

The ABC spokesman said he couldn't remember the last time "View" had been bleeped. The show aired live on the East Coast and wasn't cut during the West Coast feed.