'The View' Slams Donald Trump's "Xenophobic, Anti-Immigrant" Presidential Announcement

Donald Trump GOP Announcement - H 2015
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Donald Trump GOP Announcement - H 2015

"See, if you pee on everyone, you can't tell them it's rain."

The View took a few moments on Wednesday morning to slam Donald Trump's announcement that he's running for president — particularly, his immigration-related comments.

Though the cast joked that his entrance was "like a bootleg Evita Peron," Nicole Wallace, after jokingly hiding under the table, tried to answer for him. "There are Archie Bunkers in my life, and what they shout [at their televisions] is the stuff that he said yesterday — there are people who believe that!"

Still, Wallace said, "He has given Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio the opportunity to stand next to him — this closeand question his comments about immigration. He is a xenophobic, anti-immigrant person!"

Rosie Perez echoed that his comments suggested that immigrants are criminals and rapists (and clarified that there's already a wall built along the U.S.-Mexico border), and Raven Symone pointed out one "rude" and "disrespectful" point: "I love Chinese people — I don't dislike them, I sold an apartment for $15 million to a Chinese person!"

Whoopi Goldberg clarified, "He will be formidable because he's loud, but it doesn't mean a thing until you show people what you think you can do for the country. You got a lot of people who want to run for president. If you can stand up to them — forget about us, because clearly you don't care what we think because some of us, my god, we're rapists and we come from countries like Latin America and all these bad things — let's see how you do when you want folks to elect you."

"See, if you pee on everyone, you can't tell them it's rain," she concluded. "Yes, I stole that!"